Career Summary (en)

  • Since 1999, I have been engaged in design, development and maintenance of GIS (Geographic Information System) as a programmer for about 8 years.

  • After that, about 5 years, I have been engaged in design, development and maintenance of client server system written in Java as middleware / software (ex. SVF:Super Visual Formade, Data Spider Servista) engineer.

  • From the last quarter of 2012, in addition to designing and developing mainly PHP at a vendor that provides Web Survey services. I also experienced operations of 300 VMware-based virtual servers. I have also procured such as introduced physical servers to the data center. I also experienced supervision of in-house IT help desk, and I did various IT troubleshootings, service failures recovery.

  • I will acquire qualifications such as SSCP and IT service manager in the future, while keeping in mind the prompt action, I aim to become a stable engineer (generalist) having the correct and wide knowledge base.

  • I started working as a freelance in February 2019. I’m mainly engaged in development of backend server application with PHP, Laravel, GraphQL for a web service renewal. I am other a little engaged in IT engineering as side jobs.

  • From September 2019 onwards, I am broadening my activities. For example, I disseminate blogs about my participate community and several study groups.