Career History (employee 5)

2012.10 - 2019.01 (About 6 years)

Marketing Applications, Inc.

  • About 120 employees in Japan (, Philippine, Korea, China : dataSpring).
  • Provides marketing intelligence platform such as web survey tool, analysis tool, survey panel, consulting, full services.

Oct 2012 - Jan 2019

  • Senior engineer of web survey tool forSurvey1 and the surrounding systems.
    • The number of personnel was about 30
  • Team lead of DevOps Promotion Office (manages cloud infra, system operations, internal IT helpdesk, (a little) system development R&D)
    • The number of personnel was about 5
  • Environment:
    • (OS) Linux(mainly CentOS), Windows
    • (Virtualization) VMware, CloudStack, Vagrant, Docker
    • (Cloud) AWS, GCP
    • (Middlewares) Nginx, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GlusterFS
    • (Others) PHP, bash(Shell), Python(using in Fabric), Jenkins, Rundeck, Zabbix, Redash, Ansible, Terraform
  • Phases experienced:
    • Identification of issues, function design, implementation, combined testing, deployment
      • Application & Infrastructure
    • Wrote security check sheets and disability reports to clients
    • Account managements, troubleshootings, procurements (hardwares & softwares) as internal IT management