Career History (freelance 3)

2019.04 -


  • About 160 employees in Japan.
  • Affiliate platform business, Internet advertising agency business, AD network business, Media business, Creative business, and so on.

Apr 2019 -

  • Development of a new service based its conventional.
    • In charge of implementing application and infrastructure layer of backend server side.
  • Environment:
    • (Containerization) Docker, ECS(Fargate), ecspresso, App Runner, copilot-cli
    • (Cloud/SaaS) AWS, Datadog, Terraform, Bitbucket, CloudWatch
    • (Middlewares) Nginx, MySQL, Redis, localstack, Selenium(Laravel Dusk)
    • (Language, Framework) PHP, Laravel, GraphQL, Vue.js(a little), Go(a little)
  • Other keywords:
    • Domain Driven Development, Repository pattern