Career History (employee 3)

2008.04 - 2011.08 (About 3 years)

FIT Inc.

  • About 80 employees in Japan. (in those days)1
  • Development for form output middlewares, components.

Apr 2008 - Aug 2011

  • Engineer of Form creation middleware SVF: Super Visual Formade2
  • The number of personnel was about 30 (Including sales company and quality assurance department, about 100)
  • Environment:
    • (OS) Windows, Linux,
    • (Tools) VMware Player, Java, XML
    • (Output format) PDF, Postscript, Excel, TIFF, other printer languages
  • Phases experienced:
    • Basic design, detailed design, development, unit testing, maintenance, manual preparation
    • Function description to sales company and quality assurance department
  • Other keywords:
    • Attribute formula


  1. That company was merged by WingArc1st Inc. in March 2014. See history. Current FIT Inc. is diffrent from the company at that time. (The CEO is a core member of FIT Inc. at that time.) 

  2. @see