About Me

Point in time : 27/05/2022

Basic Infomation

  • Name: Hisashi SOGA1
  • Birth date: 14/05/19752
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Resides: Tokyo, Japan


  • On Mar 2022, established ant-in-giant G.K.
  • On Jan 2022, appointed to the Directors of SRE NEXT Assoc.
  • Was a freelance IT Engineer. (Feb 2019 - Feb 2022) Skills are:
    • DevOps, Simplifies/Automations: Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI, AWS CodeBuild, GitHub Actions(a little), Terraform, ecspresso, lambroll, AWS Copilot CLI, Docker, Fabric, Jenkins, Rundeck, Zabbix, Ansible, Serverless, Elasticsearch(a little), Mackerel, Datadog(a little), Zapier(a little)
    • Private/Public Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure(a little), VMware
    • Languages, Frameworks: PHP, bash(Shell), Laravel, HCL, YAML, GraphQL, Vue.js(a little) , Python, Java, C/C++
    • OS: Linux, macOS, Windows(a little)
    • Managed Services: Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS App Runner, Amazon Lightsail, AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, Amazon SES, Amazon Route 53, Google Cloud DNS, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL
    • Middlewares: PostgreSQL, NGINX, Apache, MySQL
    • Others: experience of ISMS(JIS Q 27001:2014) operation, managing IT helpdesk3.

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  1. In Chinese charactor, 曽我 央

  2. In Japanese Calendar, 昭和50年

  3. 〜2019/01 

  4. Using esa.io